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Are you interested in web hosting but don't yet feel that you have the technical experience to start your own web hosting company? KangaWeb's Profit Partner affiliate program provides a genuine income opportunity for people with sales, technical or entrepreneurial skills.

As a Profit Partner, you simply refer customers to KangaWeb and we will reward you generously for your efforts:

  • 10-30% commission for customers you refer directly to our service
  • Refer sub-affiliates and get a 5% commission on their sales

Sub-affiliates are recognized for 5 levels (with you being level 1), putting you at the head of a large commission-producing family of Profit Partners.

You don't lift a finger!

We provide all technical support to referred customers so it doesn't matter if you have limited technical experience. We will also directly bill the customers which you have referred to us so there is no need for you to lift a finger after they have signed up with us.

Reseller Program

If you are interested in providing technical support yourself, why not check out our Reseller Program, which provides discounts of up to 50% off retail prices! The Reseller Program enables you to start your own web hosting business.

Why is the web hosting industry great for affiliates?

The web hosting industry is massive and provides you with a cumulative income source. You can get a slice of the action by simply letting businesses know that we exist, that we offer a great product and by referring them to us. Unlike most products, web hosting is a continuing service. You don't just receive a one-off payment for a referral. We continue to pay you a slice of the monthly web hosting fees paid by your referred customer for 12 months.

Market a great product!

KangaWeb offers high quality hosting solutions at affordable prices, coupled with excellent customer service. We also offer some nifty features you won't find anywhere else, such as Email-to-SMS services and Spamboxer. So you can rest-assured that our great service will help convert your leads into commissions.

Try it for yourself!

If you are interested in seeing for yourself just how good our hosting services are why not try our Half Price Trial month? From just $7.49 you can experience hosting the KangaWeb way.

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