Profit Partner: How does it work?

Quite simply, all you need to do is refer customers to KangaWeb.
We do the rest!

Earn generous commissions in three simple steps:

  1. Refer customers and other affiliates to us
  2. Accumulate commissions
  3. Receive payment

Further detail on each step is provided below.

Step 1: Refer customers and new affiliates to us

There are two options for sending customers and new affiliates our way:

  1. Link to us from your website; or
  2. Ask your customers to mention your Affiliate ID when they sign up.

Link to us from your website

If you have your own website then all you need to do is cut-and-paste a special segment of HTML code into your web page(s).

When a customer clicks through from your website to ours we set a cookie so that, if the visitor places an order or joins our Profit Partner affiliate program, we can detect that they were referred by you. The cookie lasts for 60 days so even if the visitor does not place an order or become a Profit Partner on their first visit we will still be able to detect that you were the one who initially referred them to us (as long as they sign up within the 60 day period). We will then credit the commissions to your affiliate account accordingly.

We provide a range of great banners in our Affiliate Hub which you can place on your site to encourage people to click through to our site. Alternatively, you can link to us using your own text-based hyperlinks.

Or ask people to mention your Affiliate ID when placing their order

If you do not use the method described above to link to our site, or if you don't have your own website, you can still become a Profit Partner and refer customers and new affiliates to our service. Simply ask the people you refer to us to mention your Affiliate ID when they sign up with us and we will credit the commissions to your account accordingly.

Real-time Affiliate Statistics (Coming Soon)

You can keep in touch with how you are performing instantly with our real-time reporting software. It will track how many click-thrus and referrals you make each month, as well as give you up to date commission reports.

Tips and Support

We also provide you with regular updates, links and tips on how to increase your commissions! And of course if you have questions at any time our friendly customer service team is here to support you.

Step 2: Accumulate Commissions

We provide a generous commission structure:

  • Email Pro Series: 30%
  • Web hosting accounts: 10-30% (see table below)
  • Sub-affiliate sales: 5%

All commissions are paid for the first 12 months of each account's life. Commissions are payable on both the setup fee and regular monthly hosting fees for each account. All you need to do to start qualifying for commissions is to refer a single customer to our service. Your initial referral is called your "Qualifying Account". After your Qualifying Account you earn commissions on each and every account you refer to us.

Web Hosting Package Commissions

Web Hosting Account Schedule
No. of Referred Web Hosting Accounts Open % Commission
First 5 (Oldest 5) 10%
Next 95 (6-99) 25%
All subsequent (100+) 30%

Email Pro Series Commissions

For Email Pro Series accounts you get 30% for each and every account (after your qualifying account). That means you can get a commission of $315 a month for referring a single Email Pro 1000 account to us - that's $3,780 for the 12-month period!

Sub-Affiliate Commissions

By referring active sub-affiliates your commissions can grow exponentially. It works like this. You refer a customer to us who decides to join the Profit Partner program. That person is then known as one of your "sub-affiliates" and you will get a 5% commission on any sales they make (for the first 12 months of any account they refer to us). Then let's say your sub-affiliate refers a new affiliate to our program. The new affiliate is counted as one of your sub-affiliates and you earn a 5% commission on all the sales they make. This continues for 5 levels (with you being level 1), so by referring active affiliates you can earn massive commissions from your downline.

Step 3: Receive Payment

As soon as your outstanding commission reaches $130 you can request payment from us (maximum of one payment per month). For tax purposes, we will require you to invoice us for the outstanding amount. This is quite simple, and we have even provided an Invoice Generator so all you have to do is fill in the blanks! Alternatively, you can create your own invoice, please see our Invoice page for details of what we require on the invoice. We will then pay you via PayPal within 7 days of receiving your valid invoice. Please note that you must be a Verified Business Account or Verified Premier Account holder with PayPal to participate. You can join PayPal for free [Visit PayPal Now]. Please note in particular that payments will not be made into unverified PayPal accounts, or PayPal accounts not in your name.

If you have a web hosting account with KangaWeb, any outstanding web hosting fees will be deducted from your referral commission before payment is made to you. In this case the $130 limit will not apply. For instance, if you earn $40 in a quarter and your hosting fees of $29.85 are due, we will simply deduct this amount from your $40 commission, leaving you with $10.15 commission owing. If you then earn $80 in the next month, you will be able to invoice us for the $90.15 owing to you since you will have no hosting fees outstanding at that time.

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